Find tech jobs like a human
(not like a robot)


Job boards focus on job titles and recruiters will message just about anyone who seems to have the right skills (which they barely understand).

But the thing is, you're not a tool for hire. You're more than just a set of skills and labels. You're a person with ideas and values. You care about things. You have a personality.

Where will your personality fit in though? Which of the many "software engineer" or "full-stack developer" jobs out there actually matter to you?

This is where Arendil will come in.

The Platform

The Arendil platform will help software developers (and eventually everyone in the tech industry) find jobs and company cultures that align with their values and goals. It will feature only modern companies that have a great culture and put people first.

Arendil will be a platform designed for humans, not robots.

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